Aon Atlanta Associates Bring Smiles To Faces of Children on Global Service Day 2015

I started as a Pension Administration Project Manager at Aon Hewitt last month and so far I love my job! I’ll caveat that with “almost as much as I love being a professional photographer” (sorry, my Aon team, lol). I have to say one of the highlights so far was when I signed up to volunteer at Sheltering Arms’ Cobb County location as part of our global company’s initiative to take part in Global Service Day on Thursday, June 11th, 2015.

It was a truly special day when, in conjunction with United Way, we were allowed to assist the teachers educate, entertain and bring smiles to the faces of the children there for the day. The day was beautiful and all the children were beautiful in their own special way. I wanted to share some memories from our day that ranged from special connections to being blessed to watch one of the little boys take his first steps! The smile on his mother’s face when she came to pick him up and we told her and were able to share our pictures and video clips of the moment was priceless! I can’t wait to return one day soon.


The Secret Life of “B”s

Alisa Perdue Photography

Secret Life of Bs w logo

There are many things I can be thankful for, but I’ve decided to blog about one of the things I’ve become thankful for as a photographer – discovering “The Secret Life Of ‘B’s: Bumblebees, Butterflies and Being.” Now the first two speak for themselves, but the third? Being? When I say this I mean “Being…in the moment.”

If I have my camera around my neck it’s as if life slows down around me, within me. I see everything and everyone differently. It’s no longer about me hustling to get from “point A” to “point B” but noticing, appreciating and enjoying everything in between, before I reach my destination. Whether it’s bumblebees foraging a sunflower for pollen or a butterfly that’s been attracted to a brightly colored flower rich with nectar, capturing these moments as a photographer has helped me appreciate all the things and people around me that I would…

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