The Secret Life of “B”s

Alisa Perdue Photography

Secret Life of Bs w logo

There are many things I can be thankful for, but I’ve decided to blog about one of the things I’ve become thankful for as a photographer – discovering “The Secret Life Of ‘B’s: Bumblebees, Butterflies and Being.” Now the first two speak for themselves, but the third? Being? When I say this I mean “Being…in the moment.”

If I have my camera around my neck it’s as if life slows down around me, within me. I see everything and everyone differently. It’s no longer about me hustling to get from “point A” to “point B” but noticing, appreciating and enjoying everything in between, before I reach my destination. Whether it’s bumblebees foraging a sunflower for pollen or a butterfly that’s been attracted to a brightly colored flower rich with nectar, capturing these moments as a photographer has helped me appreciate all the things and people around me that I would…

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